Mind the Gap, London Underground

“There is a city beneath the streets”
― Robert E. Sullivan Jr.

Location: Covent Garden, London Underground

I’ve seen tubes, trams, underground stations, metros – the works; however there is something about being on the London Underground, that makes you want to click it. Originally shot in full colour, after spending about 30 minutes looking at the photo, I decided that what I wanted to bring out were 4 key elements that you often see on a London Underground (Tube) platform. 3 of them have key colours – Yellow. And the 4th is tri-coloured. The only way I could bring out these colours was by colour popping. So my sincere apologies to those who hate manipulated photos; This was manipulated in colour (only) to ensure the quartet of Yellow Line, Train notice board, exit and emergency signs were given its due.

Camera: Canon EOS 450D | Lens: 18-55 |Focal Length: 30mm | Shutter Speed: 1/60 secs | Aperture: f/4.5| ISO: 800

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